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I love you... you're wonderful... marry me...  thank you... I'll never forget you... FLOWERS speak for us even when we are lost for words.

Here's to a happy, healthy and flower filled year for all of us.  If you're reading this, then thank you, I always like to think I'm just talking flowers to the couple of friends that I know take a look every now and then and berate me for not keeping the social media up to date... I'm a florist not a head in the phone girl..  if you're planning an event and need advice with flowers then please get in touch.  I'd love to share my knowledge and experience with you re which blooms and foliages are seasonal and how to make your flowers a talking point - whatever your budget.

I'm looking at what's new in the flower world to bring to the spring season.. the trend for more foliage is on going and bringing the forest to the most stylish designs.. often if I can't find what I need in the garden and hedgerow, I look at dried seed heads and other quirky elements, pheasant and guinea fowl feathers are a great addition.

I have to admit I have a bit of an obsession for ranunculus and peony at this time of year and have been posting my finds on my instagram account @alliumflorist so if you have a spare moment, take a look and follow me to see what I'm working on day to day.

If you're planning a wedding for later this year or next, now is the time to look and see what is available and chat flowers with your florist.  Getting a few ideas down and looking at images will really bring your plans alive.

For my year ahead, I am also planning an overdue flower image sort out and will be posting some of the fav shots from events, some weddings, some special birthdays, some corporate and a few just because there was a completely irresistible bloom that I had to record.  come back and see my seasonal favourites but for now a memory of my garden last summer..  if I close my eyes and think of the flowers I can almost smell them :)

What to take to your first flower chat with a wedding florist

A big part of the work here is weddings, we love all of our couples, we become friends and often keep in touch after their wedding day. Some come armed with images and snipings from the internet, Pinterest accounts and paint charts as colour samples! you know who you are :).. they always inspire us and they leave I hope buzzing with scents and names of flowers that they have discovered.  The more info about a wedding day - the better, it builds a picture and helps us to suggest blooms that will work..  pick our brains and find out what's really out there for you to use.  There are so many fabulous flowers at market, I often suggest buying British but it's not always possible depending on what's wanted and the season. Your florist will be beyond happy to give you a steer in the right direction, most of us will happily chat flowers for hours.  you've been warned! It's usually the venue that's been chosen and the couple's style that will help give a few clues to the ambiance and look of wedding you are looking for.   

  images by Helen Sarah Pictures


Winter snippet

We've been on BBC radio Berkshire - wreath making on air for the second year... are we mad??

Lots of fun and met some great people again - this is our sample


Allium has grown, new guest members to the team, more hands make light work and all that.. but in reality more keen eyes and flower lovers to make our events the ones that leave guests talking about the flowers and styling every time. 


There's an Instagram account for daily flower fixes - follow me @alliumflorist


I meet amazing couples, I'm blessed to share in their day, every time it's an absolute privilege.  Here's just a few fabulous flowery memories  

Berkshire wedding, Lambourn. 

Images by Kat Hill

Berkshire wedding, Henley.




Images by Paul Chervill

Hope and Alex

Berkshire wedding, Aldermaston.


Berkshire wedding, Woolhampton. 


and some shooting