farewell flowers

forget me not... 


a funeral is a celebration of a precious life...I know what it's like to loose someone close, which is why 'allium' gives such a personal service;  I will come to your home and discuss flowers, helping you choose something beautiful. 

I have often recreated wedding bouquets; making memories of a wonderful day shared. I love small scented herb wreaths to fill the church with the smell of the garden or perhaps a walk in the countryside. A wrap of a favourite flower tied with ribbon and the aroma of petals that lift the spirit is always perfect. Allium will deliver flowers, supply candles and assist when needed, collect church keys if required and make the small details just happen..


I always give advice on cost and flowers in season. I use natural materials and recyclable containers; we offer a free of charge collection and redesign of the flowers after the service to allow the flowers to continue to be enjoyed by family and friends - no request is ever too small.