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what to bring to a consultation?

It's always lovely to hear from brides to be....  I love talking flowers and am always happy to give as much help, advice and maybe a little hand holding as is wanted.  My brides often bring their mums, sometimes their beloved and a bridesmaid or two or six even... which did actually happen..  good job we have a big tea pot :)

I have a barn where I work from and brides to be usually come to see me at Northfield, although we sometimes meet at venues and occassionally I go to them with my trusty laptop and a few sample flowers.

When we meet - it's great if you can bring in some format, some photos or snippings from magazines of flowers that you love.  Your wedding book is great if you have put one together, as it really helps me build a picture of your day, even if it's just colours chosen so far.
I will always ask about your venue and some details of your dress as both are relevant when looking at flower choices.

Allow an hour to and hour andf a half for your consultation.  Sadly, Saturday appointments are limited because of current wedding commitments but I do take Sunday appointments and evening ones during the week.