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a few tips for the perfect reception

Your exchange of vows is the heart of your wedding.. but the Wedding breakfast party takes up the most amount of time on your Wedding Day and eats up most of your budget - about 50% usually, there will be many hours of deliberating over the endless choices that are offered......  here are a few ides on how to have the WOW factor and save a little money here and there....  The job may be big but it doesn't have to be tough...  so take a deep breath and 

lets get the party started and have an affair to remember!
Beautiful front door decorations
The first glimpse of the party should be from the best vantage point, use wired hearts bound in ivory with organza ribbon or with low key swags of greenery, a tag with a small posy of flowers tied to a gate or doorhandle saying 'welcome'...
Get glowing
Lighting can make or break an event, create the right ambiance by flanking a doorway with dozens of luminaria, or setting the tables with either candles in lanterns or clusters of small candles around the flowers, scented candles can add to the ambiance use a scent to compliment your flowers. 
Choose a theme
I'm not talking in bad taste here -  just a colour pairing or a food or flower that evokes a favourite place, a repeated element helps both personalise and unify your party space.
Keep floral table centres under 14 or over 20 inches high so guests can view and converse with each other across the table
..think outside the box...use frosted fruit as an edible centrepiece..